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Create With Waste

IP - Avocado 1

IP - Avocado 2

IP - Avocado 3

IP - Avocado 4

IP - Avocado 5

I'm so excited about creating things I need from items I would usually throw in the bin. Yes, I guess it makes me a little odd but it's how I'm made. Thrifty, resourceful and creative!

Carving or whittling has long been on my list of skills to master. Probably since I was young and read about someone in a book whittling a stick. I even own some carving tools but somehow they never made it out of the packet. It all changed however, when I saw Lotte carving a pair of earrings out of an avocado stone. It's become somewhat of an obsession around here since then with the girls joining in and me buying avocados even though they are ridiculously expensive at the moment. 

IP - Avocado 6

IP - Avocado 7

IP - Avocado 8

IP - Avocado 9

The avocado stone is so soft, it's easy to work with and great for a beginning carver like me. We've made buttons, pendants and I've had a go at carving a little fellow. The buttons look great once they've been sanded and polished.

So far we've used Haas and Shepherd avocado stones for carving, The Haas stones are lovely but the Shepherds go a funny white colour once they are cut. I'm not letting those stones go to waste - I've chucked them in the freezer so I can have a go at avocado dyeing.