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Dyeing Raffia With Tea

IP - Tea Raffia 1

IP - Tea Raffia 2

IP - Tea Raffia 3

The basket weaving mania continues! Now I'm combining my love of natural dyeing with basket weaving by dyeing the raffia I'm using with things I can find in my kitchen cupboard.

I read about using tea bags as a natural dye in Rebecca Desnos' book, Botanical Colour at Your FingertipsIf you want to get into natural dyeing it's a great book to have.


Dyeing Raffia with Tea

10 tea bags



Place the raffia in a  large bowl.

Put the tea bags on top.

Boil the kettle and our the hot water over it.

Let the raffia sit in the water for 24 hours.

Dry on the line in the shade.