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IP - Basket 6

IP - Basket 7

IP - Basket 8

IP - Basket 9

IP - Basket 10

I have no patterns for my latest craft. There are no stitches to count. No special tools or complicated instructions. Just some raffia and a needle. What's not to love?

And yet for all the simplicity I can make the baskets as complicated and unique as I like.  I'm completely in love with the elegant simplicity, infinite possibilities for customisation and creative expression I can see with basket weaving. I can make coasters, placemats, plates, bowls, bags and baskets. I can change the shape and size. I can add handles or not. Hell I can even customize those handles! All I need is my imagination.

PS - I'm having a mini break next week while I'm off on camp. Five days in the bush, teaching eco-dyeing. Yeah!