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Village Time

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I've just come back from spending an amazing five days with my girls out bush at the Wild By Nature Village Camp run by Firekeepers.

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You know it's village time when:

There are so many people offering to help set up your tent that you have to turn some of them down.

A five minute trip to the loo takes half an hour cause you stop and chat to everyone you see on the way.

You find yourself being given a leg up a tree and then sit wondering how on earth you're going to get down.

You hardly see your kids because they're off somewhere having the time of their lives with space to roam, friends to play with and freedom.

Your kids go squishing in mud and proudly announce their first leech bite.

You leave your phone in the tent most of the time and hardly have any photos for your blog.

The kids race to dinner as soon as the dinner call goes out and they wolf down everything with no complaints.

You gather around a fire to eat a delicious meal (prepared and cooked by someone else) and sing and tell stories.

You stay up late singing songs around the camp fire.

You're sitting around the campfire and it's dark and you think it's really late but it's only 7.15pm.

You fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

You go home with a full and grateful heart and a head full of songs.