IP - Pouch 1

IP - Pouch 2

I am so pleased with this pouch I created to hold my eco dyed cards. Over the last couple of years I've been slowly eco-dyeing and accumulating a pile of eco dyed paper from my experiments. I've torn them down to size and intend to make them into oracle cards. If I can bear to write on the paper - I love beautifully embellished and layered objects but find myself creating very minimal pieces. I think it stems from a fear of ruining the beauty of the material I am working with.

I dyed the wool felt pouch with gum leaves and wrapped it around a rusty aluminium can. I hand sewed the felt with embroidery floss from my stash. I carved the button from an avocado stone. The fastening is made from a piece of vegetable tanned kangaroo leather. I wove the cord from lomandra grass growing on the median strip out the front of my block of flats. 

Using all my different skills (foraging, dyeing, sewing, carving, leather work and cordage) to make this special pouch was a wonderful experience. There are definite advantages to being a jack of all trades - you can make beautiful pieces like this one!