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Dyeing with Avocado Stones

IP - Avocado Dyeing 1

IP - Avocado Dyeing 2

IP - Avocado Dyeing 3

IP - Avocado Dyeing 4

IP - Avocado Dyeing 5

I'm feeling very pleased with my first attempt at creating a dye bath from plant materials. The colours on the silk from the avocado stone are gorgeous!

The method I used is from the wonderful book, Botanical Dye At Your Fingertips by Rebecca Desnos. Clear instructions and beautiful photos make this book a delight to read and use. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to dive into the world of using botanical ingredients for creating natural dyes.

I usually eco dye which is a great, big one pot extravaganza. Grab some leaves, bundle, throw in pot and wait. Creating a dye bath takes a lot longer. There's a lot of heating and cooling, straining and waiting when dyeing with avocado stones. At first I was annoyed by all the heat and wait. I was wondering if all the fuss was worth it. 

Well, when I saw the colours, I fell in love with the process. I can't wait to eat more avocados so I can do some more dyeing!