Feeling Lucky


IP - Surprise 1

IP - Surprise 2

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IP - Surprise 5

This lovely blue eco dyed scarf was a present for my father for Christmas (yes, I know it's a lifetime ago now!). He lives in Canberra but was born in Sri Lanka and really feels the cold Canberra winters when the temperatures drop below zero.  So I wanted to give him something he can wear to warm himself up. Of course it had to be hand made and I'm sure there's no surprises that I eco dyed it. It is my current obsession and still going strong!

What? What did you say? It isn't blue? Yes, I know. That was the surprise. The last time I set an aluminium pot filled with chopped purple cabbage on the stove and added a scarf, it turned blue. This time, no blue :(

I think it was because I also added to the pot some cotton bundles that were pre mordanted with ash and soy. I'm wondering if they reacted with the purple cabbage and aluminium to create the yellowy brown. Of course it could also be from the scarves that were dipped in vinegar water before bundling and boiling.

Whatever the cause, eco dyeing is continuing to bring surprise and wonder to my life.