Feeling Lucky
Cayenne Salve

Time is the Best Teacher

  IP - Time 3

IP - Time 2

IP - Time 1

Some times all it takes is a little patience and a bit of time. When I was boiling this bundle in a steel pot with cherry ballart and rose leaves I was underwhelmed by the colour. I was hoping for greens and instead the bundle went murky and uninteresting. Or so I thought.

Just like books, you should never judge a bundle by its outside appearance. You never know what hidden treasures may lie inside. It is only when you unbundle that you reveal the glories waiting patiently for you.

I think that is one of the things I love about eco-dyeing. The way in which my expectations are continually challenged and I have to adapt to the outcome and let go of my plans. Sometimes though, the results surprise me in the most delightful ways!