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Wool blankets aren't the only thing I've been up cycling lately. My latest foray into reusing saw me turn a previous design into an updated business card. The original business card was created by my super talented friend Amy. She's the one responsible for the lovely banner you see at the top of my blog. Everyone needs a friend who can tell you straight out - 'Those colours hurt my eyeballs,' when you're trying to dip your toe into the world of design. Design is not for the faint hearted I tells ya!

I drew the sun logo almost twenty years ago when I was backpacking solo through Europe. My name, Indrani, means goddess of the sun and moon and I originally intended it to be a tattoo. It never quite made it on to my skin but has already done time as the logo for my now defunct Easy shop, The Esoteric Sun. It's great seeing the logo in its latest incarnation.

I read a long time ago about successful people having a string of failed attempts (or interesting adventures depending on your point of view) behind them. I think the term was something like 'Fail fast and often.' The idea being the sooner you try things and discard them, then refine your ideas and try again, the better. Eventually, you're sure to hit gold. I may not have a string of failures (life moves pretty slowly around these parts) but there are a few diversions in my history for sure. I haven't hit gold yet but I'm having fun making and writing.

I created the images for the front and back of the cards with the free app, Canva. It's a great tool for novice designers like me. I then sat on the floor and cut them out by hand using a guillotine while waiting for my daughters to finish their craft class. #feelinghappy