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The leaf prints turned out beautifully when I dyed the other half of the blanket from the op shop. I got brown, red, greeny-yellow and lots of beautiful details. As well as some lovely shapes from the fat acacia pods I collected at camp.

Unfortunately, I had to wait three days between taking the bundle out of the pot and unbundling. In those three days, little tiny spots of blank appeared all over the blanket. I think they're little black spots of mould. I love the blanket so much, however, there's no way I'm throwing it out.

So I'm trying a homemade remedy to get rid of the mould so I can keep my beautiful blanket. I consulted the oracle (did an internet search) and have combined a couple of ideas to try and get rid of the mould. I have a feeling I will just have to live with the black spots.

I discovered sunshine is a good remedy for mould - alas my washing line is in the shade and there's no sun in my flat at this time of year. I do have tea tree oil which is anti-bacterial (and native to Australia) and vinegar which is good at killing mould.


Home Made Mould Treatment

1 litre vinegar

tea tree oil



Pour the water into your washing tub.

Add the tea tree oil and vinegar.

Mix it all in.

Add you wool blanket and soak for an hour.

Wring and line dry outdoors, in the sun if possible.