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Amazing Adelaide

IP - Adelaide 1

IP - Adelaide 2

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I had the best time in Adelaide last weekend. As soon as I stepped into the terminal at the airport I had a smile on face. Traveling around the city on public transport was a breeze and any time I got stuck, I just asked a helpful local. The city itself is beautiful with wide tree lined streets and lots of parks.

WARNING - I got very carried away with my camera. What follows are only some of the photos I took although there are so many in this post it may feel like I included them all! Scroll down at your peril...

IP - Adelaide 4

IP - Adelaide 5

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IP - Adelaide 7

There was an exhibition of art work from seven female Australian artists on display in the airport terminal. These paintings by Eleanor Zecchin were my favourites.

IP - Adelaide 8

IP - Adelaide 9

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I saw grand old buildings, great art and managed to squeeze in visits to the State Library, Art Gallery and Museum. As well as attending the Ginninderra Press celebrations and dinner. Pretty impressive for a two day visit!

IP - Adelaide 12

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IP - Adelaide 13

I loved all the works by William Morris and his contemporaries. From the handprinted manuscript from Kelmscott Press and the William Morris curtain fabric to the enamelled plaque by someone else which was my favourite piece at the SA Art Gallery.

IP - Tucker 1

IP - Tucker 2

IP - Tucker 3

The museum had an incredible indigenous gallery and a fabulous display of bush tucker foods. They also had fire sticks, baskets, possum skin cloaks, grinding stones and much more.

I've come home exhausted from so much goodness and rather a lot of walking. My heart is full and happy and my head is whirring with ideas and inspiration. I even managed to pen a few poems while I was away.  YAY! Travelling is good for the soul!