Baba Ganoush

IP - Baba Ganoush 1

IP - Baba Ganoush 2

IP - Baba Ganoush 3

Do you ever put something off for, well, forever? And when you finally get around to doing it discover it wasn't so hard after all?

That was the story with me and making baba ganoush dip. Years ago I saw a tv show where you had to char the eggplant on a gas flame. At the time I didn't have a gas stovetop. When I finally did move into a house with a gas stove, I couldn't remember what exactly I was supposed to do. So I never got around to making the dip.

I'm not sure what happened but last week I just had to make baba ganoush. After a quick internet search I discovered you could make your eggplants all charred and black in the oven! Reading the recipe I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Half way through I worried the eggplant would burn on the bottom and stick because I only drizzled oil n the top. Well it did burn and go black but it didn't stick and I got the nice smoky flavour. Yay! 

I am so pleased I finally got around to making this. What have you been putting off?