Watercress Pesto
Baba Ganoush


IP - Card 1

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IP - Card 5

A friend has just spent 6 days on a water cleanse in Thailand. I on the other hand did a six day salt water cleanse in Melbourne. I reckon it took about six days of crying to cleanse from my body all the regret, hopes and dreams from the previous year. I'm still feeling a little fragile and apt to get teary but I am slowly finding inspiration and ideas returning along with my creativity.

A good friend celebrates her birthday at the start of September and I wanted to make her something special. As I wouldn't be seeing her on her actual birthday I thought I would send her a card the old fashioned way - in the post. I love opening the letterbox and seeing something other than bills!

Luckily I had on hand a huge stack of gorgeous paper from my eco-dyeing experiments over the last couple of years. I've dabbled in card making in the past so I also had some gorgeous recycled brown cardboard to play with.

This was a very simple craft and I had a lot of fun sitting at the kitchen table, figuring out which bits to use and sticking them on to the cardboard.

Making really is breathing for me. When I make and create I am grounded and content. Little by little, project by project I am finding my feet once more.