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Crafting Community One Stitch At A Time

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Last weekend I hosted a Crafternoon at my place. Long time readers of this blog will know that my favourite thing in all the world is to craft with other people. I love it so much, I invented a word - craftyr. I love the exchange of ideas and creativity when we get together to make the things we need.

I've lived in Melbourne for eight years and slowly put down roots and built community. At times it has been very isolating and lonely living in a new city. It has also been exciting - exploring new places and meeting new people; forging new relationships and making connections.

I was inspired by four lovely friends to start my Crafternoon. Hadas opens her door weekly for a get-together. We all bring a plate to share and over lunch we chat while our children play. Mel and Claire have teamed together to create the amazing community that is the Wild By Nature Village camps. These camps are the most incredible experiences and I have been lucky to be part of them all. Hadas, Mel and Claire have all created a community into which I have been welcomed with open arms.

While these lovely people have included me in their communities, it is my friend Max who taught me about creating community. Max is from Canada, has lived in Melbourne for a long time and has just moved out to the country with her young family. After only a couple of months she already has a community. When I spoke to her about it, she said it was easy to create community anywhere. At first I thought, 'Yeah right. Easy for you maybe but not for me.' Then after a while I thought, hang on. She's right. If I want a community, I have to create it. It can't be all take, there has to be some give. And if there's something missing in my life, then it's up to me to fill the gap. As Mel says, 'You spot it, you got it.'

My hope with the monthly crafternoons is that we parents can get together with our children to craft. We'll share stories, food, cups of tea and advice. The only mystery to me is why it has taken me so long to extend the invitation.