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It's Eco-Dyeing Time!

IP - Eco-dyeing 1

IP - Eco-dyeing 2

IP - Eco-dyeing 3

IP - Eco-dyeing 4

IP - Eco-dyeing 5

I recently dusted off my eco-dyeing pots after a long winter break. I was starting to wonder if my eco-dye phase had come to an end.  It turns out I was still into eco-dyeing, the desire had just been hibernating during the cold months. I stopped dyeing over winter because the boiling pots caused lots of steam in my kitchen and the condensation ran down the walls and dripped off the ceiling.

The return to eco-dyeing may have been sparked by the handsome pot you can see in the pictures. I was so chuffed to buy it the CERES Maker's & Flea Market. It was an absolute bargain, is made of aluminium and has three levels. The base can boil bundles and then there are two trays on top for steaming! I was so excited because up to now I have only ever boiled my bundles, never steamed them. There are so many exciting new eco-dyeing possibilities brought about by this pot coming into my life :)

I had so much fun going through my paper bags filled with dried leaves and finding my rusty metal collection (sadly lots of my rusty bits have disappeared during workshops. Not everyone realises how valuable they are!). My friend Jacqui of Beautiful Wasteland Create also gave me some beautiful merino offcuts. The new aluminium pot combined with the fabric were just the motivation I needed to get back into eco-dyeing.

It was wonderful to know eco-dyeing is still a passion although perhaps not quite the obsession it once was!