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It's Time For a Tree Change


IP - Beach 1

IP - Beach 2

IP - Beach 3

IP - Beach 4

I'm in the midst of moving my family from our inner city Melbourne flat to the outer suburbs. We're swapping the beach for the trees. We've been in our wonderful flat for almost 6 years and although it has been a fabulous home, it's time to spread our wings. My girls are very excited about having their own bedrooms and I'm excited about so many things. Moving closer to friends, a cup of tea deck, a garden to sit in and a library (all our books in one place? Oh my.) I'm turning the dining room into a workspace with desk, craft cupboard and comfy chair. The house is huge - I think I'm going to get lost for the first little while!

In the midst of the chaos of moving it's good to take time out and come to the beach. Toes curling in the sand, breathing in the salt and gazing out to the horizon - all medicine for the soul.