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Womankind Photography Award XVI: Botany

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Womankind is an ad free, Australian magazine filed with inspiring articles and wonderful photographs, stories and illustrations to help you reclaim your unlived life.

Each issue they announce a new theme for their photography competition. The winner and finalists are published in a forthcoming issue of the magazine. The theme for the Photography Award XVI was Botany. My wonderful friend Amy knows how much I love nature and she told me about the magazine and the award.

I had lots of fun wandering around Darebin Parklands back in August with my camera, looking for plants to photograph. My wonderful neighbour Martyn, who is a professional photographer, helped me to format the photo for the competition so that it was the right size for printing. I sent my photo in and then tried to forget all about it.

When I hadn't heard anything I figured I mustn't have won. I was in my local bookshop recently and saw the latest issue of the magazine, I picked it up wanting to check out the photographs. I flicked through the magazine to the article and saw a flash of yellow. My heart stopped. I flicked back and there was my photo staring up at me. I had a delicious moment of shock and incredulity and then my brain caught up with my eyes. It was my photo, in the magazine! But what, how? I turned the page to the announcement and discovered I had come third!

If you want to see my photo in glorious full page colour, check out issue 18, Fruit Fly, of Womankind.