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2019 Poetry Challenge

IP - Poetry Challenge Title
After the disappointment of not getting into the poetry masterclass, I've become more determined than ever to improve my writing. Poets like Pablo Naruda, Judith Rodriguez and Seamus Heaney can make words dance across the page in the most amazing way. Their words set my mind on fire. I want to be like them.
I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a poem a week for 2019. I figure the more I write, the better I will be. Practice makes perfect after all! However, it’s going to be hard to come up with inspiration each week which is why I am asking if you can help me out by sending in five words on any topic. Each week I’ll choose words at random to write in a poem and I'll share it here.
If you want to join in, you'll find the words for the week each Monday in my Instagram highlights reel. Post your poem in the comments section on my bog each week or on Instagram and tag me and we can see all the different imaginations at work.