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Conducting My Own Poetry Masterclass

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Armed with my Poetry Manifesto, I've started my very own poetry masterclass. After the disappointment of not getting into the one being held in early December at Varuna in the Blue Mountains I've started trying to teach myself what I want to learn.

Where to start? I figure the best place to start is by reading lots and lots of poetry to learn language and technique and soul. I've borrowed lots of magazines from the library which publish poetry (The New Yorker, Southerly, The Lifted Brow and Meanjin). I've signed up to the Poetry Foundation's poetry email newsletter and every day I get a new poem delivered straight to my inbox. And I have a pile of books by poets to read.

When I find a poem I like - one that resonates, one I wish I had written - I sit down with my pencil and paper and set to work. I have a go at copying the structure of the poem and adding my own ideas, themes and emotions.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I'm having fun.