2019 Poetry Challenge - Week One
Bring On the Wild

2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Two

Poetry Challenge Week 2 Words

Poetry Challenge Week 2 Poem

Week 2 words from @firekeepers_melb: radiance, leaf, translucence, canopy and gossamer.

radiance shines from her every pore
welcome is a gleaming smile
and connection her sword

a leaf hangs motionless
upon the branch
the transcendent translucence
of nature's prism
alive in golden light

peer through the canopy
to see veins and skeletons
the pulsating heart and
chlorophyll dreams

the leaf falls
and she catches it
in hands bound
by the gossamer strands
of hope


Here are the words and my poem for the second week of the 2019 Poetry Challenge.

It was inspiring to read all the poems for the first week and see the very different ways in which the five random words were interpreted. I got some great ideas for future poems from my fellow Instagram poets.

If you want to join the 2019 Poetry Challenge, head on over to my Instagram account where I post the words for the week on Mondays in my story. Be sure to tag me and use the hashtags #2019poetrychallenge and #livepoetsclub. If you're not on Instagram, post your finished poem in the comments below so we can all read your masterpiece.

Happy writing!