2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Three
A New Love

I Can See

IP - I Can See 1 #3 - I Can See (Flashback Friday) IP - I Can See 3

I can see
from the quizzical expression upon your face
that you're wondering
wondering why I've brought you
to this place

As I lean closer
lower my voice conspiratorially
to a whisper
I utter the words
that must change your life

'I'm giving back the monkey'
I say
and lean back
all the way now
with no obstruction

It isn't been long
but it's been forever
that I've been carrying
this monkey for you

And it's time to return it
to its rightful owner
and guess what?
It's you!


Flashback to my first book of poetry, Defenestration, published in 1997. Now back in print.


Like most people I started writing poetry when I was a teenager and going out with my first serious boyfriend. I haven’t been game enough to go back and reread those poems. I’m guessing they were very earnest and quite possibly excruciating.

I kept writing poetry while I was studying at Uni and after I started my first full time job. Poetry is short (I’ve started so many novels and never finished them!) and can capture emotions in the most incredible way. I’ve always found it a great way to think about my experiences and the people I meet. What’s your favourite form of writing?