2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Eight
Road Trip

2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Nine

2019 Poetry Challenge Week 9 Words 2019 Poetry Challenge Week 9 Poem

Week 9 words from @shelleykrycer: multitude, plethora, vacuous, vacant, midst.

a multitude of sins gather
swept in the corner
to moulder and mutter

a plethora of vacuous voices
chime and rumble
then tumble into my ears

vacant minds gather
with glazed eyes
and in their midst
I sit


Here are the words and my poem for the ninth week of the 2019 Poetry Challenge.

This week's poem is a bit darker than the ones from previous weeks. I'm not entirely sure where it came from. It's the beauty of writing poetry, you never quite know where it's going to take you. Sometimes I travel to beautiful places and at other times into the heart of darkness. Words are my friends, companion and sword both.

If you want to join the 2019 Poetry Challenge, head on over to my Instagram account where I post the words for the week on Mondays in my story. Be sure to tag me and use the hashtags #2019poetrychallenge and #livepoetsclub. If you're not on Instagram, post your finished poem in the comments below so we can all read your masterpiece.

Happy writing!