Love and Desire
Hand Bound

On West 46 and Broadway

IP - West 46 1

IP- West 46 & Broadway 2

IP - West 46 3


On West 46 and Broadway

there's newly matyred Christians

selling salvation

whilst kitty-cornered across the road

the devil sells damnation

for only the price of your soul


And it's kinda weird

how there's always a crowd

around Beelzebub's limo

whilst people avoid the gazes

of God's honest foot soldiers


Flashback to my first book of poetry, Defenestration, published in 1997. Now back in print.


Luckily for me as part of the ‘Getting Published' course I did in the 1990s, I had the chance to show my work to the teacher, Stephen Matthews of Ginninderra Press. He kindly offered to assess it and let us know if we had a chance of being published by a major publishing house. Sadly for all aspiring authors, publishers get far too many unsolicited manuscripts (the slush pile) to be able to offer any feedback. I grabbed the chance with both hands.

When Stephen handed back my poetry and asked if there were any more, enough to make a collection I was gobsmacked. Not only did he think my poems were good enough to publish, he was going to publish them!!! My name. On the cover. Of a real book!