2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Fifteen
2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Sixteen

Mind Bending Art

IP - Escher 1

IP - Escher 2

IP -Escher 3

Ip -Escher 4

IP - Escher 5

'If you only knew how entrancing, how strikingly beautiful the images in my head are, the ones I am unable to express.'

Enter the mind bending world of M.C. Escher, astronomer, mathematician and woodworker.

Mr Escher, as he liked to be called, was a Dutch artist best known for his black and white prints of optical illusions. He travelled each year, spending time in nature to refresh and inspire his work. Like most artist there is much more to his work than the handful of famous pieces which have entered our collective psyche. 

Before I went to this exhibition with my daughters and our friends at the NGV in Melbourne I knew of the famous works. What I didn't know was Escher also created beautifully detailed self portraits and landscape pieces. Fascinated with maths - infinity, the impossible cube and platonic solids - he expressed complex concepts in intricate images.

After I downloaded these photos I noticed the reflections on the glass in some of them. They seem to be somehow echoing the art in the frames.

IP - Escher 6

IP - Escher 6

IP - Escher 8

Most of Escher's works were created by carving wood blocks and then printing a series of pictures. The process itself is mind bending with meticulous attention to detail and incredible craftsmanship. He also experimented with lithographs and lino cuts.

My favourite pieces were the sketches and studies Escher created before carving his blocks for printing. I love seeing someone else's creative process. It's a potent reminder that everyone drafts, edits and rewrites. Or in Escher's case, sketches, erases and redraws.