2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Sixteen
2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Seventeen

There Were No Fireworks

No Fireworks 1
IP - No Fireworks 2

No Fireworks 2

There were no fireworks

no starbursts of red, green and yellow

no rockets of magnificent blue

and yet love came knocking


There were animated conversations

sharing of hopes and dreams

deepening of a friendship

and still love came knocking


There was the first tender kiss

the exquisite exploring of another's body

the heights of passion

and love came knocking


There was no discussion of tomorrow

for tomorrow had no place here

and before I could open the door to love

you were gone


Flashback to my first book of poetry, Defenestration, published in 1997. Now back in print.


At the time Ginninderra Press accepted my poetry I was working in a government job in the statistcs department so I had plenty of time to edit my book. It was so long ago that when I gave my manuscript to my publisher, it was on a floppy disk. (What's that? Yes exactly). The disk caused his whole computer to crash. Luckily we eventually figured out the technology. 

I asked my friend Jan who drew the most incredible pictures if she had something I could use for the cover of my book. She let me go through her drawings and I picked the amazing illustration that is on the cover of Defenestration, my book of poetry.