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2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Twenty

It's a Shoe-in

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IP - Shoe 2

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Some people have a love-in. We had a shoe-in.

I spent last weekend teaching a beautiful group of women how to make their own pair of barefoot moccasins from vegetable tanned deerskin. There is something empowering and affirming in creating your own shoes. Or making your own anything really.

You tread more lightly on the planet when you make what you need and when you wear barefoot shoes. The vey act of walking in them changes your gait and your posture. It forces you to walk lightly, feeling the earth under your feet yet cushioned by a layer of leather. Walking becomes an intimate act of joy and connection. And at the same time your feet are warm and protected a little from sharp rocks and sticks.

The weekend went beautifully, co-created with Rita who hosted us happy shoe makers. We shared our stories as we sat and sewed together each day.  Ate lunch together in the beautiful garden and frolicked in the grass in handmade shoes.

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IP - Shoe 6

I hadn't taught some making for almost four years and it felt huge to be running a workshop again. Because it had been so long I was feeling a little nervous going into the weekend. I wasn't sure if I would be able to remember everything and if everyone would be able to make their shoes. Luckily I'm a huge note taker so I had step by step instructions already.

I hate saying should (it implies the stuff you think you ought to be doing but don't really want to be doing and as soon as I start thinking should, I try to stop and not do the should) however, I really should have trusted myself and the process more. The making of shoes is in my hands - they remember what to do because they have done it so many times before. And my brain remembers as well, once I am back in the thick of things.

My lesson from the weekend was to trust the process more and at the same time have faith in my abilities.