2019 Poetry Challenge - Week Nineteen
It's a Shoe-in

You've Got Mail!

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Hello. I hope you're well. I just thought I'd send you this virtual postcard to announce my latest creation.

Inspired by my love of books - reading, writing, drafting, editing, designing and binding - I've created  a poetry chapbook filled with new and original poetry and photography.

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It's been quite a journey. The initial design was pretty much done in a weekend back in late January and then I decided to print it myself. Cue spooky music. It was, dear reader, a very brave decision and not as I discovered, for the faint hearted. I spent months going back and forth to my local printer in my quest to get the book just right.

I invested a lot of money on beautiful paper for the book, spent a lot of time designing the layout not to mention writing the poems and taking the photographs to accompany them. I was determined to get it right. And I finally did. Yay!

I wanted to create a beautifully bound book, printed on luxurious paper with full colour photos. It's a limited edition print run of only 25 copies in keeping with a small scale, handmade ethos. If you want to see it, you can check it out in my brand new shop.