Poetry Challenge - Week Twenty-One
The Curve of the Mountain

Coming Home

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IP - Scrabble 2

Two years ago I started writing poetry again after a break of almost twenty years. (I still can’t believe I’m old enough to make outlandish statements like that!). I’d long been thinking about doing a creative writing course and suddenly the time was right. During the course we explored different forms of writing from memoir to short story and of course poetry.

Writing a poem for the course was like coming home. It felt so right and the words flowed on to the page. When I read the poem aloud in class, the teacher Meagan Waters said - ‘You’ve written poetry before.’ Well, yes I had and I am so grateful to her for reintroducing me to verse.

When I heard Ginninderra Press had celebrated their 21st anniversary, I sent a message of congratulations to my publisher, Stephen Matthews. He invited me to celebrate another GP milestone - 10 years in Port Adelaide. At the event Stephen said some very lovely words about me and the launch of Defenestration way back in 1997 and then he presented me with a reprint of my book. I was over the moon!