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Poetry Challenge - Week Twenty-Two

 Poetry Challenge 2019 - Week 22 Words

 Poetry Challenge 2019 - Week 22 poem

Week 22 words from @beiteshai: God, density, mother, letting, response.


the density of faith

a mystery

an incalculable and infinite

weight of belief

shrouded in divinity


mother God heed my prayer

my response to this despair

letting the pain bleed into wine

and none to bear



Here are the words and my poem for the twenty-second week of the 2019 Poetry Challenge.

After throwing off my self-imposed constraints for using the random words in my poems, I'm feeling liberated and creative. Before the revolution, I was questioning everything about the challenge. Was I crazy to try and write a poem a week? Did I lack the commitment needed to stick with such a massive undertaking? Was I just too flighty to see it through? All sorts of fearful and doubtful thoughts were running around my brain.

But now? Oh now. I feel great. On top of the world. Ready to take on any words that come my way. So throw them at me. Send me a curve ball or two. I'm ready for them!

If you want to join the 2019 Poetry Challenge, head on over to my Instagram account (@indraniperera) where I post the words for the week on Mondays (mostly) in my story. Write a poem and post it. Be sure to tag me and use the hashtags #2019poetrychallenge and #livepoetsclub.

If you don't want to write a poem, you can still be part of the 2019 Poetry Challenge. Send me five random words and I'll use them in a poem. Either DM me on Instagram with the words or send me an email (indrani at indraniperera dot com).

Happy writing!