Coming Home
Poetry Challenge - Week Twenty-Two

The Curve of the Mountain

IP - Treen 1

IP - Treen 2

IP - Treen 3

An unexpected trip to Canberra late last week saw me heading out into the bush for a walk with a high-school friend. We walked among gum trees, along the curve of the mountain, in the shadow of the valley. It was freezing. So cold we even saw some snow on the ground.

Turns out my friend is as excited by fungi and photographing them as I am. It's lovely after all these years of friendship to do something new together and discover a shared passion. It's the first time we've been on a bush walk together or taken photos together. It's a big change from our days hanging out at cafes and chatting over food and drinks.

IP - Treen 4

IP - Treen 5

IP - Treen 6

Even after all these years of friendship (over thirty!), there are still things to learn about each other. So lovely to find we're growing in the same direction. Thanks for the impromptu photography lesson, Treen.