Mastering the Microphone
Poetry Challenge - Week Twenty-Nine

Book Fair

IP - Book Fair 1

IP - Book Fair 2

IP - Book Fair 3

Sunday morning saw me packing all my books into bags and heading back in to town for the Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival Book Fair at Siteworks in Brunswick.

It was super fun to be spending a day hanging out with other poets and checking out all the cool things they're publishing. Lots of chapbooks, zines, second hand poetry books (thanks Fiona for the great haul!) and more. I loved Kat's beautiful chapbook, Hungry and her illustrated posters. Eddie Burger had a humongous range of zines for sale. Adiba was selling books in Syriac (the first international language), Arabic and English. Imagine being able to speak and write in three languages!

IP - Book Fair 4

IP - Book Fair 5

I was selling Defenestration, my hand bound chapbook, Wild Heart, as well as bookmarks and postcards from the book. I did really well and only have left 3 copies of my limited edition run of 25 for Wild Heart. If you couldn't make it to the Book Fair but want to buy a book, they're for sale in my online shop.

There was an open mic for the stall holders and Tim did a series of interviews with the authors during the day. It was great to chat to all the other poets and see what they're creating. I'm feeling very inspired now!