Poetry Challenge - Week Twenty-Six
Poetry Challenge - Week Twenty-Seven

Mindful Reflections

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IP - Mindful 3

I have been so busy lately there has been no time to sit and be. This is not, in my mind, a good thing. The busyness has started to become a little frantic and addictive. It's been much easier to fill my time with doing than face the emotions lurking under the surface. Or hold the space for my beautiful family and be present with them.

I've been finding it impossible to just sit a dream. To give my thoughts space to breathe, meander and adventure.

I could feel the anxiety building but didn't know how to stop. The first clue came from my beautiful, wise, nine year old girl who said to me "Mama, can we have 5 minutes a day just for dreaming time, where we sit dream?"

Out of the mouths of babes really. 

As a result I have started a bed time ritual for the whole family of affirmation cards, foot massages, meditation and parable. What are you doing to rest and reflect?