Set It Free
Poetry Challenge - Week Thirty-Four


Brushstrokes Cover

Earlier this year I entered the Ros Spencer Poetry contest with my poem, Recipe for a Poem. It didn't win any awards but it was selected to be published in the anthology for the competition featuring poems from 2016-2019.

It's been a long time since I've had any poetry published (twenty-two years in fact *ahem*) and I'm so happy to have a poem published after such a long break. It feels like a sign from the muse that I am on the right track and that writing poetry is worthwhile.

Of course writing for it's own sake is always worthwhile and I will keep writing no matter what. Like writing this blog which I do mainly to express my thoughts and record my adventures in living a creative life. Not because I have to but because I want to and it brings me joy to create something with words and pictures. That said, it's nice to receive some external validation every once in a while. Keeps you going, you know?

WA Poets Inc have done a fabulous job with this anthology and I am super excited to have one of my very own poems featured in its pages.