Karta Gosa
Poetry Challenge - Week Thirty-Six


Bali - Silver 1

Bali - Silver 2

Bali - Silver 3

Bali - Silver 4

I finally got to visit a silversmithing workshop in Bali. The town of Celuk (pronounced Cheluk) is famous all around the world for it's beautiful silver jewellery. When I came here on my honeymoon in 2003, it seemed far too hard to organise a car and a driver to get here. After the wedding, my husband and I just wanted to relax. This year, however, my tour guide Dad was on the case and he did all the organising for us.

Villages in Bali are nothing like I imagined them to be. Houses and shops are strung along the narrow windy roads that perch on top of ridges radiating out from mountains or volcanoes. Go back from the road a little way and you'll soon encounter a jaw breaking drop. Motorbikes wend their way in and out of traffic, looking like they'll crash at any minute but never seem to come to any harm.

Bali - Silver 5

Bali - Silver 6

Bali - Silver 7

Bali - Silver 8

When we got to Celuk we got out of the car and walked up and down a small section of the street. Popping in and out of silver shops on the way so my oldest daughter could look at jewellery. She had some pocket money to spend in Bali and wanted to spend it on jewellery. I must say, I admire her taste in souvenirs!

On the way we discovered a little gem. Sunsri was an experience containing a museum, jewellery workshop and showrooms with the most exquisite pieces. There were six showrooms, each with it's own name, decor and scent. And of course, lots and lots of beautiful pieces of silver jewellery. Perhaps next time I'm in Bali I can do a silver workshop!