Street Life
Poetry Challenge - Week Thirty-Seven


IP - Penjour 1

IP - Penjour 2

IP - Penjour 3

IP - Penjour 4

IP - Penjour 5

IP - Penjour 6

There's just so much to love about Bali. The warm, tropical weather. The patient, friendly Balinese. The bustling streets and chaotic traffic. And for me, all the beautiful handicrafts. People are still using traditional methods to make the things they need. 

The Balinese still use their hands and time to create objects of beauty. From the everyday palm leaf offering baskets to my favourites - the elaborate penjour lining the streets at festival time. Handmade is part of life. It is valued and respected. It is important and necessary. 

IP - Handmade 1

IP - Handmade 2

When you travel around Bali you get to see people making their wares. From the statue seller carving wood in his stall to the woman sitting at the loom at an historic site, weaving sarongs the traditional way. 

And it has so much heart and soul. You can feel the spirits of the makers peering out at you as you browse the souvenirs in the street stalls. Wood carvings, silver jewellery, sarongs, scarves, chocolate, coffee all bear the idiosyncratic marks of their makers.

Visiting Bali was balm for my maker's soul. It was so wonderful to be in a country filled with makers. It's this heritage we need to reclaim. This connection to our bodies and our creative spirit. Let's make the things we need!