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There's just so much to love about Bali. The warm, tropical weather. The patient, friendly Balinese. The bustling streets and chaotic traffic. And for me, all the beautiful handicrafts. People are still using traditional methods to make the things they need. The Balinese still use their hands and time to... Read more →

I'm back home and finding it hard to settle into everyday life. I miss the weather, the vibrancy and the exoticness of Bali. Most of all I miss all the people at the hotel we would chat to every day. When I'm travelling, I relax and I'm much more open... Read more →

I finally got to visit a silversmithing workshop in Bali. The town of Celuk (pronounced Cheluk) is famous all around the world for it's beautiful silver jewellery. When I came here on my honeymoon in 2003, it seemed far too hard to organise a car and a driver to get... Read more →

In a trip packed with highlights, our visit to the remains of Karta Gosa in Klungkung was another highlight. Karta Gosa was one of the many royal places dotted thoughout the island of Bali and you can still see some of the remains. Sadly, when the Dutch invaded, then colonised... Read more →