Poetry Challenge - Week Thirty-Five

Karta Gosa

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In a trip packed with highlights, our visit to the remains of Karta Gosa in Klungkung was another highlight. Karta Gosa was one of the many royal places dotted thoughout the island of Bali and you can still see some of the remains. Sadly, when the Dutch invaded, then colonised the country, a lot of the original complex including the living quarters was destroyed. What remains, however, is magnificent.

The style of architecture in Bali is very different from Australia - there is a lot of ornate decoration and of course the materials used are different as the Balinese climate is different to much of Australia. We respond to the materials around us and use them to shape what we need. Of course, we have to adapt to what is around us so the materials shape us in turn. It's a fascinating interplay between humans and landscape.

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The grounds contained the Colonial Court of Justice, the Floating Palace which was surrounded by a moat, the gate to the living quarters and a museum. You can see the Indian and Hindu influences in the sculptures adorning the buildings.

I find it hard to articulate what it is about this place that had me so in thrall. I know, I'm supposed to be a poet, right? It was incredibly beautiful, elaborate and ornate. And so very different from the buildings at home which I think was a huge part of its charm. And of course, it has all been built by hand using traditional methods and that's evident in the sculptures and the buildings. They were obviously made by master crafts people who were highly skilled. What's not to love about that?