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Poetry Challenge - Week Thirty-Eight

Poetry Challenge 2019 - Week 38 Words

Poetry Challenge 2019 - Week 38 Poem

Week 38 words from @treen_42: twisted, vision, responsibility, warmth and purple.


when I donned purple

I shed responsibility

and embraced

the warmth of liberation

my vision no longer

twisted by obligation




Here are the words and my poem for the thirty-eighth week of the 2019 Poetry Challenge.

When I finally say down to write this poem, it didn't take too long to create because the words were already rumbling around in my subconscious.  It did, however, take me a long time to pick up the pencil and start writing. I've been in my head so much lately, I took a mini break to make something with my hands.

I read so many blog posts and articles talking about writing as a job that you have to turn up to every day. As if creativity is a machine that has to be turned over regularly at the same time and in the same place. My creativity doesn't work that way. It comes and goes in fits and starts. One minute I'm all about eco-dyeing and the next, you can't stop me talking about poetry. As for regular times and places - I squeeze it in and around my daughters, snatching five minutes here and there when I can. If there's one thing I know, it's this - everyone's creative process is as unique as they are.

If you want to join the 2019 Poetry Challenge, head on over to my Instagram account (@indraniperera) where I post the words for the week on Mondays (mostly) in my story. Write a poem and post it. Be sure to tag me and use the hashtags #2019poetrychallenge and #livepoetsclub. 

If you don't want to write a poem, you can still be part of the 2019 Poetry Challenge. Send me five random words and I'll use them in a poem. Either DM me on Instagram with the words or send me an email (indrani at indraniperera dot com).

Happy writing!