Poetry Challenge - Week Thirty-Six

Street Life

Bali - Street 1

Bali - Street 2

Bali - Street3

Bali - Street 4

Bali - Street 5

I'm back home and finding it hard to settle into everyday life.

I miss the weather, the vibrancy and the exoticness of Bali. Most of all I miss all the people at the hotel we would chat to every day. When I'm travelling, I relax and I'm much more open to striking up a conversation with a stranger around the pool or in a local shop. It's partly because I have more time and less care. There's someone cleaning my room every day, a chef to cook my meals, a laundry to wash my clothes, a pool to entertain the girls and a chauffeur if we ever wanted to go on a trip.

Not having a car meant we did a lot of walking. Along the beach to drop off our laundry, get a massage or have an ice cream. Down the street to check out all the funky little shops, buy water at the supermarket or go out to dinner. Strolling outside our room to jump in the pool. Walking is one of my favourite things to do and I love the feeling of living in a village and being able to reach everything I need on foot. It feels so much more personal than multi lane roads and enormous supermarkets.

Bali - Street 6

Bali - Street 7

Bali - Street 8

Bali - Street 9

Life in Bali seems to be lived out in the open (it helps to have a tropical climate I know) with a lot of verve and colour. It seems everything is on display and shops often spill out on to the street without care for council regulations or health and safety. There's an implicit assumption that you're more than able to look after yourself. I like it.