Poetry Challenge - Week Forty
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My beautiful friend Meli is moving to Tasmania. I'm sure going to miss her. I had to create  some hand made goodies, including this hand bound artist's book with an eco-dyed silk cover, to send her on her way with a lot of love and good wishes.

She's an artist so I used watercolour paper for the pages - perfect for painting as well as journalling. I love the texture and heaviness of watercolour paper. There's something satisfying and solid about the thick pieces of paper. The boards for the book came from recycled cardboard and I used acid free PVA for the glue. It's stitched together with linen thread and the silk cover came from a secondhand dress.

When I first dyed the silk and it came out all yellow it was a bit of a shock and took some getting used to. I had pre-mordnated the silk with vinegar for some strange reason (always experimenting, always learning and don't necessarily believe everything you read on the internet although I can say every 'failure' leads to a discovery and a learning). Now I love the shades and the leaf prints from that particular experiment.

The glue on the cover is still drying. When it's done I'll post a picture here.