Music, Nature and Storytelling
Poetry Challenge - Week Forty-Three

Stringing Them Along

IP - String Hoppers 1

IP - String Hoppers 2

IP - String Hoppers 3

IP - String Hoppers 4

On a recent visit to my parents in Canberra, my daughters learnt how to make the great Sri Lankan delicacy, string hoppers. String hoppers are eaten instead of rice and are sooo yummy. They are like little patties of vermicelli noodles made from rice flour and water.

IP - String Hoppers 5

IP - String Hoppers 6

IP - String Hoppers 7

IP - String Hoppers 8

The girls had a wonderful day in the kitchen with my Dad who taught them how to make the string hoppers. First they roasted the flour on the stove and then they made the batter by adding water and mixing. After the the batter was spooned into the wangedia the string hoppers were squished out on to the steamer trays. Finally they were stand over boiling water for 30 minutes and then devoured.

IP - String Hoppers 9

IP - String Hoppers 10

IP - String Hoppers 11

It was wonderful seeing the girls completely engaged and focussed on making their favourite Sri Lankan dish. They had so much fun in the kitchen, after the string hoppers were made they also made with Nana a pol sambal from coconut, a chicken curry and paruppu (the Sri Lankan version of dahl). Dinner that night was a delicious Sri Lankan feast, cooked by my very clever girls with their grandparents.