Poetry Challenge - Week Forty-Six
A Sense of Wonder

Touching the Sky

IP - Flight 1

IP - Flight 2

IP - Flight 3

It's been thirteen years since I've had a window seat on a plane. These days it's my girls who get to peer out the window while I sit in the aisle. The view from up there is incredible. Especially when you're flying from Launceston to Melbourne as I did. I'd forgotten how amazing it is.

IP - Flight 4

IP - Flight 5

I was filled with wonder (and I must admit, a little bit of trepidation - there's that moment just after take-off when it seems as if the very idea of flight is impossible and we'll drop back down to earth) as I was flying over land, sea and cloud formations that looked like their own versions of islands. It's an amazing thing we do, flying like the birds. I'm so very grateful to all the engineers and pilots who make it happen.