Poetry Challenge - Week Fifty
Making Shortbread

Christmas Magic

IP - Gumnut Babies 1

IP - Gumnut Babies 2

IP - Gumnut Babies 3

IP - Gumnut Babies 4

I'm not sure how much longer I can keep doing our annual Christmas windows celebration. Every year since my first daughter was born, I've taken my girls into the city to see the holiday windows created by a major Australian department store. The store spends about nine months creating a wonderland for children and adults alike. It's a magical and beautiful way to tell a story and who doesn't love a good story?

I still love seeing the windows and revelling in the magic, however, Miss 13 isn't so sure anymore. She's getting too old for childish things. Luckily I convinced her to come along this year and we got to see the windows. I'm so glad because this year's theme was based  on the beautiful gumnut babies characters created by Australian author and artist May Gibbs. When May Gibbs died in 1969 she left her estate to UNICEF and the copyright in her works to charity.

It's lovely to see an Australian summer theme reflecting our bush landscape. Although I was glad they decided not to include the Banksia men. Lots of kids over the years have had nightmares about them! 

IP - Gumnut Babies 5

IP - Gumnut Babies 6

IP - Gumnut Babies 7

IP - Gumnut Babies 8

IP - Gumnut Babies 9

We make a day of it. Pack our lunches and take the train to the city. Visit Haighs to buy chocolate and celebrate the end of another year of learning. Go to our favourite bookshop and check out the latest titles. I always say I won't buy them a book and I always do. How can you resist the promise of a new story?