Christmas Magic
Poetry Challenge - Week Fifty-One

Making Shortbread

Making Shortbread 1

Making Shortbread 2

Making Shortbread 3

Every year my daughters make Christmas presents to give to friends and family members. This year we were a bit stuck with what to make. After all, there's only so many tea towels, aprons and bags someone can use. Ditto with bookmarks and art work. We were stumped until Miss 13 came up with the idea of baking something for the grandparents. Genius! Who needs more stuff when you can have scrumptious, homemade baked goodies?

Once we tasted our friend's amazing shortbread, we knew that was what we wanted to make. As promised, the recipe was super simple with lots of fun of rolling out dough and cutting shapes. The house smelt amazing and although I can't eat the shortbread I can admire it from afar.

I hope you've had a wonderful festive season, whatever you celebrate.