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Earlier this week I met up with some friends to go for a walk. We were in the Pirianda Gardens in Sherbrooke, Victoria. I hadn't visited the gardens before. Since moving to the area 15 months ago I haven't done much exploring. My day to day activities and responsibilities usually keep me very busy. However all the normal activities have been cancelled so we now have time, that rare and elusive beast, on our hands.

The gardens were beautiful. An incredible range of plants from Australia and around the world, all beautifully landscaped. Hard to believe this was once someone's home. I can't imagine living anywhere so grand or having enough energy to maintain it all. The best bit about the gardens were all the signs for the plants with their taxonomic and common names. So good to finally put faces or rather trees to names! I've read about yew, alder and birch for years. This time I got to meet them up close and personal.

If the gardens stay open the girls and I will be coming back here often in the coming months.