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IP - Everdell 1

IP - Everdell 2

IP - Everdell 3

IP - Everdell 4

IP - Everdell 5

This is my favourite game at the moment and I haven't even played it yet! I'm completely in love with the artwork, design and components. Everything has been created with such immense attention to detail which makes this game sumptuous to look at and hold.

The art work is beautiful and heart warming. The board is shaped and comes with a tree which you have to assemble. There are wooden character tokens as well as colourful plastic resource tokens. Every piece has a special place on the board and the deck for playing fits neatly into the roots of the ever tree.

I may not have played with it yet by my youngest daughter who is almost ten has spent hours and hours playing with the pieces and telling stories. This is a game which sparks your imagination even before you play it.