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Mini Time Capsules

IP Eco Dyed Book 1

IP Eco Dyed Book 2

IP Eco Dyed Book 3

Eco-dyeing has wormed it's way back into my affections. Each time I think I've finished with foraging, boiling and unbundling, along comes another idea. 

Eco-dyeing has recently made the move from fabric to paper. Watercolour paper beautifully soaks up the colours from the leaves, yielding gorgeous patterns on the paper. I use the pages to make covers for homemade journals and notebooks. It's a not a new idea for me to combine my passion for book binding with eco-dyeing. In the past I've used eco-dyed fabric as covers for journals.

I love that these patterns are unique to the time and place of foraging and boiling. The seasons effect the leaves (thus changing the colours and prints the leaves give) and the ph of the water affects the process of boiling. These papers are mini time capsules. Each one unique and unable be recreated.