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Nature Connection Cards

IP - Nature Connection Cards 1

IP - Nature Connection Cards 2

IP - Nature Connection Cards 3

IP - Nature Connection Cards 4

I started these cards on Sunday to encourage us to venture out into nature each day. They are designed to be gentle invitations or a way to set an intention. It's all too easy to get stuck in the house and forget all the plants, trees, birds and insects out there. 

It's been wonderful have a pencil in my hand and sketch little pictures. Inspired by my 13 year old daughter, I tried to draw the pictures from memory. She draws the most incredible portraits without copying anything. However when it came to the fox, kangaroo and owl I had to resort to copying images I found online. My original fox looked like a daschund zebra (wish I had taken a photo of it!) and the kangaroo looked more like a rabbit wth a pouch!  

IP - Nature Connection Cards 5

IP - Nature Connection Cards 6

IP - Nature Connection Cards 7

I based the cards on the core nature connection routines described by Jon Young of the 8 Shields Institute. Jon visited Australia last year to run two workshops and I attended the Music, Nature and Storytelling event held in Hawks Nest, New Soul Wales. Something as simple as a daily sit spot is a powerful way to connect to nature and the land around us.

Like most of my projects, I started with heaps of enthusiasm and energy and got lots done in the first couple of days. Then my energy waned and the cards dragged on. I know we need to take time to rest and refresh but wouldn't it be great if we could keep the same joy for the whole of a project?