All Tangled Together
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A Sketchfolio

A Sketchfolio 1

A Sketchfolio 2

A Sketchfolio 3

A Sketchfolio 4

This is the first book I made from Tangle Journey: Exploring the Far Reaches if Tangle Drawing, From Simple Strokes to Colour and Mixed Media by Beckah Krahula. She calls it a sketch folio. It has nifty little pockets in which you can store paper as well as a notebook sewn into the main compartment at the back. It's such an ingenious design.

Unfortunately I didn't have any Lotka paper and the biggest size I had was A3 watercolour so my sketch folios are super small. But they're also super cute. I had so much fun making them that I ended up making three! One each for myself and my two girls. 

A Sketchfolio 5

A Sketchfolio 6

A Sketchfolio 7

After making them I went to sleep dreaming up variations and wondering if I could make one big enough to hold the 9x9cm zen tangle drawings I wanted to create. The answer was yes! The width of one A3 sheet of paper was enough to make a sketch folio with two pockets at the front and two on the inside.

I can't wait to fill these little folios with drawings.