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I've recently become obsessed with making leather journals. Since we've been self-isolating I've had a lot more time on my hands to make and also to write. And if you're going to be writing stuff down you definitely need more notebooks to write things in.

Of course once you've made a notebook you then need, ahem, a leather journal to carry it around in. One with compartments for the notebooks plus a little slot for your pens so you can be all neat and organised.

I made this cute little leather journal from vegetable-tanned kangaroo skin I got from Greenhalgh's Tannery about a  million years ago (right now I'm feeling super grateful to past me for her most excellent taste in craft materials and good sense in buying up big when she had the time and money). It's to store the sketchfolio I made to store the zen tangles I'm going to draw. I know, nuts. But then I've always loved having lots of little bags which go in a bigger bag and then get put into an even bigger bag. This is just the book version of my bag obsession (hmmm, I'm spotting a theme here. I seem to be quite obsessive lately...)

I love it so much I think I'm going to have to make a brown leather journal to go with the eco-dyed notebook I made a while back. And perhaps some notebooks with blue/grey eco-dyed paper to go in this blue leather journal. After all, a gal's gotta be colour co-ordinated, right?

Like I said, obsessed.